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Lydia has changed my life, she helped me buy a house in 4 months! I am eternally grateful for her and her affordable mentoring sessions. My family thanks you Lydia, bless you.

-Jaquline M- Connecticut

The Billionaire Behavior Program BLEW MY MIND. I thought I knew everything about rich men. Turns out I knew nothing about billionaires and to act around them. You couldn't google this info if you tried, because I did lmao! 

Celeste -NYC

I got a mentoring session with Lydia and that b*tch gave me a start up business plan in 90 minutes!!!! I have a f*cking online business now. This woman is the closest thing to god like she's EVERYTHING. I am going to RETIRE from the game off her knowledge 

Michelle R. Los Angeles

Lydia got me started in the porn industry and I made $3000 and got to meet her!! Definitely signing up for the bootcamp program now that Im working all the time. Also, I felt really safe knowing that the porn company she got me started with because she shot with them too. I truly feel like I wouldn't have a future without her. 

Allison D -Miami

I was LOST before I came cross this heaux on IG. Then I watched her documentary and her youtube and was convinced she was the real deal. I read her books to start and it all just started making sense to me. I have tripled my income in only 6 months. I am working towards one on one mentorship.She's my idol. Luv you Lyd<3

Aleyah G