Sponsored YouTube Video

Sponsored YouTube Video

Regular price $50.00

I will explain your product/service and display an image. Your ad will be featured in the beginning of the video and will permanently stay on my channel.

You can choose which type of video you would like to be featured in based on your product or service. 

All ads include a link in the description to website and social media and pinned comment in the comment section. The video will also be cross promoted on my Instagram and Twitter


-Heaux related 



YouTube is my fastest growing venture with an average of 5 -7k views per day on my channel and growing at a rate of 20% each month and an overall conversion rate of 3% (industry average is 1.5%).


Price is determined by length of ad you choose. 

* If your ad is 10 seconds, it may be featured in a video with other paid promotions

After your purchase you will be contacted via email to discuss the details of your advertisement. It may take up to 2 weeks for your ad to be placed depending on the theme of the content I have planned.