Book 3: Damage Control

Book 3: Damage Control

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There will be a time in your career where you will find yourself in the middle of a catastrophe. Acting fast and knowing what to do can save your career, money or even your life. Even the most experienced escorts slip up from time to time. Sometimes it's their fault, sometimes its your dates or just life coming in hard. You can't predict the future but you can absolutely prepare for it. Here you will learn what not to do. The majority of the information in this series has told you what you should do. Knowing what to avoid is just as important as what you pursue on your path to success. Everything in this book has happened to me and I live to tell the tale. I'm living proof that these situations can be fixed.




Revealing Personal information to a date

Being Blackmailed/ Threatened/Stalked

Preventing assault, defending against it and what to do afterwards.

If You break character with a date, how to get him back on track and forget what you did/said.

Being Drugged - What to do if you get roofied or if you roofie a date

If your too drunk or high, you will learn how to finish or escape your date without loosing any money.

Being on tour with zero dates. How to recoup funds and at least break even if your already on tour and how to prevent a tour with zero dates again.

Robbery. What to do if you get robbed and how to prevent it. This includes getting robbed in person and personal articles being stolen without you there.

You will also learn awareness of tracking devices on your car and phone, and when to take a threat seriously.

**Author Comments** This book caused me pain to write, the flashbacks of every mistake I've ever made in this lifestlye. Every fear and regret is now alive again. Im watching them appear word by word, my failures taunting me. With each problem solved I felt hope, 'I'm still here' I remembered. 'I must write this so everyone else can say that too one day'. The discomfort lessened and lessend the closer I got to finishing the book. Ill never have to look at it again I thought, but I hope everyone else does**