Book 6 The Clients Handbook

Book 6 The Clients Handbook

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An essential read for the benefactors in the investment dating community. A tool  to understand and educate both parties.

It is a hard and fast rule book for benefactors to learn how to make the most of their experience with their date. ALL questions are answered in this book!


Contents Include

  • Understanding what an investment date is
  • Legal/Safety Information
  • Locating someone to date
  • Types of dates
  • Etiquette
  • How to be the ideal date
  • Dealing with personality clashes
  • Bait and Switch
  • Drug use on your date

 This book should be referred to all new men looking to start investment dating. As a woman this will help set boundaries by understanding the expectations that your dates will have of you. 


Author Comments** How dare my dates silence me even in reitrement? Its my turn to make the rules. No force, no dollar amount will stop me from instructing my benefactors on how to treat me for once. I belly laughed and I felt disgust when writing this book. It was healing and empowering to say NO even if no one was there to hear it.