Book 4: Advanced Techniques

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This book is for those who are ready to take their business to the highest level. While realizing your earning potential you will learn how to overcome some of the most difficult realities of the business.




  • Touring domestic & international 
  • Best/worst times of the year to travel
  • How to pick up dates in person/ Freestyling
  • Date Profiling to find which ones will pay the highest and treat you the best
  • Economic impact 
  • Maximizing income by the power of choice
  • Race/ethnicity and your income
  • Working on your period
  • Curing Yeast Infections & BV same day
  • Hygiene tips
  • Beauty hacks that will save you thousands
  • Dealing with ugly clients
  • The pros and cons of drug use 
  • Dating/personal life
  • Abuse
  • Coping with the dark side of the profession

 **Auther Comments** The devil in me didn't want this book to be known. My secrets, my secrets I worked so hard for! They belong to me! I battled the unwarrented greed and felt the guilt swelling inside. EVERYONE deserves a chance to be a winner. I reasoned with myself. I was given that chance and it lead me here, to help. So I must. The series will continue!