Book 5: Avoiding the Inevitable

Book 5: Avoiding the Inevitable

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For all readers looking to overcome seemingly impossible situations that the industry will eventually present you with.

An in depth guide to breaking through the barriers that can hold you back from achieving true high class status.



  • modern beauty standards vs traditional beauty standards
  • Breaking through racial and ethnic barriers
  • Niches like BBW, Alt and Trans
  • Why you don't have enough dates
  • How to actually get more dates
  • How to raise your rate
  • Real legal advice from a criminal defense lawyer in the event you get arrested
  • How to evade predators
  • The truth about having other investment daters in your life
  • Social media strategies for maximum earning potential 
  • Stealing dates pros and cons 
  • Avoiding sick days
  • and bonus what to do if a date says "I love you"

Nothing can hold you back now, no matter how seemingly hopeless the situation is.


**Author Comments** This book was written by you. The women who were hungry for knowledge and entrusted me to help. I collected the most common issues the girls battled everday. They were teaching me how to help them and how could I not? There was an extreme urgency to deliver this book. I've been told it does not dissapoint. Thank you all for helping me write it!