Book 7: Exit Strategies

Book 7: Exit Strategies

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Lack of an exit strategy is what crushes the soul and fills her with resentment towards her dares. It can leave her own body and mind sabotaged for her next pursuit in life. This book will teach you how to prepare for retirement down the road or how to exit today!



  •  21 different exit strategies for all personality types and education levels
  • You will find a fun quiz to determine if your ready to retire
  • How to marry for a permanent investment 
  • Who to get pregnant by
  • My rules and philosophies for exiting
  • How to transition into normal life
  • What will change after you retire
  • Actual careers, time to learn them and cost 
  • 'Touchless' options for those who want to stay in the lifestyle without actually going on dates
  • My very own strategy that I used to retire!


Author Comments: What would it all have been for.. to lead an powerful army to the edge of a cliff? Never. We come home after battle. We stay home and we prepare for the next battle in life. This is how the battle is won.