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About Me

Hi there, I’m Lydia Dupra author of this series. I was a wildly successful escort who dominated Los Angeles up until my retirement. A rough upbringing in New York paved the way for my career in the adult industry. From seedy photoshoots in a New Jersey basement to gracing the pages of the most raunchy adult magazines, I grew an empire that encompassed all aspects of the adult industry. At the peak of my career I could make up to 90k in one night for my time.  I remain retired at 27 years old and still continue to serve the industry as a guiding light for all who inquire.

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My Mission

You know about the books and you know a little about me but this post is to tell you why I’m here. This whole book series is my effort to make amends with the industry. When I was at the top of my game I was so selfish and greedy I didn’t care about helping others on my way to the top. I bulldozed over anything/one that got in between me and my true love, money.

Being an escort aged me emotionally, it showed me the high life and rock bottom at the same exact time. Looking back on it all, I saw how easily I got caught up. I had nothing to keep me grounded, I couldn’t trust anyone and I was alone.

I wrote these books as if I was talking to myself when I was 20. I could have really used a friend back then throughout this journey. I hope these books can make you feel like someone is there for you throughout your very own journey.

If I could help even just one escort save herself from learning the game the hard way, the emotional pain, the physical danger and the seduction of glamour and drugs…then my goal has been fulfilled. If I could do it all over again I would, but I would do it WAY differently.

My books are not some secret agenda to stop men and women from escorting, it’s just to show them the truth and their options to become successful at it. Most of the escorts I ran with back in the day are STILL escorting. Drowning themselves in alcohol and drugs just to wake up in the morning.

They don’t have the opportunity to retire because they never set themselves up to succeed from day 1. They might not ever figure it out and I hope my message can come full circle and maybe help some of those ‘lost girls’. 

Truthfully I recommend escorting to anyone who is even slightly interested in trying it. The thrill of not knowing what’s on the other side of the door before you open it, being a living fantasy and walking away with cold hard cash in a short amount of time…there’s no other feeling that could emulate it. You just have to experience it for yourself.

This series was written for you by someone who understands you.

The Future

I see a lot of organizations calling individuals ‘victims’. I don’t find this to be an absolute truth unless non consenting parties and children are involved. Clients often victimize escorts. Without proper experience and knowledge, escorts are especially vulnerable to being victimized. 

By using the term ‘victim’ in the media, we are pushed further underground by shaming the very people it claims to help. I hope that this book series can demystify the our craft. If this information becomes public knowledge, even these large organizations can begin to understand where the real problems lie. 

Escorts can thrive, clients can become part of the solution and the general public can appreciate strength and courage it takes to be in the adult industry. 

If you're enjoying the books please spread the word. Raising awareness is the first step to making change! 

Thank you 

Lydia Dupra 

*please note* Lydia Dupra is a pen name that is a pen name.