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Accounting Services

A key to success is to turn your all cash business into legitimate income. With legitimate funds in your bank you can buy real estate, get loans and start businesses. 

CEG Empire Inc is proud to introduce tax services. As a rapidly expanding company, CEG Empire Inc now has 2 CPA's in house for all of your accounting needs. My in house accountants have an impeccable reputation and proud to announce these statistics our accountants:

Acceptance Rate:

Of those returns filed in the current year, 93.3% were accepted by the IRS, which is better than the overall industry average at 83%.

Balance Due:

None of the filed returns were submitted with a balance due, indicating good consultation and accounting on the firm's part.


Why is a CPA better then a regular accountant?

- CPA's are licensed; accountants are not

- CPA's are more familiar with tax laws

- CPA's do financial analysis

- A CPA can support you in an IRS audit 

Why get your taxes done with CEG Empire inc?

Lying to your accountant is like lying to your doctor! We KNOW what you do for work and we will help you around that 100% legitimatly. You are getting my REAL accountants who helped me when I was an escort and still to this day with my other businesses. 


Services Offered for all 50 States

Business Taxes filed quarterly $300 per quarter

Personal Taxes filed yearly $400 per year

Whats Included:

-Tax prep
-Tax filing
-Monthly financial advice emailed directly to you
-Regular reminders to get your documents prepared on time! I will force you to be responsible!
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Common Questions:

Q: What information do you need to get my personal taxes done?
A: A record of your income for current year(W2s, 1099s, bank statements, summary of income earned) SS#, date of birth, address, spouse, and dependent information, whether renting or owning a home.
Q: What information do you need to get my business taxes done?
A: Profit & Loss statement or list of Income and Expenses, Tax ID#
Q: When are taxes due and when do you need my information by?
A: Personal taxes are due by 04/15 each year, but you can request a 6 month extension before then.  Corporate and LLC taxes are due by 03/15, but you can request a 6 month extension before then. Please submit information as early as possible to allow enough time to prepare tax returns.
Q: Are you going to do my taxes and file them for me?
A: Yes, we will prepare your taxes and we can submit them electronically.
Q: Am I going to get money back or will I owe money?
A: Every situation is different.