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Contact: Lydia Dupra

Banner Advertisements

Banners must be 320px x 50px

$5 per 1000 impressions. Number of impressions

-Is customizable in quantities up to 10,000.

$45 per 10,000 impressions

$100 per month unlimited impressions


Full Page Advertisement

Must be 320px X 200px

$50 for 24 hours

Your ad will pause the user's screen to display your advertisement before they can click anything else on the app.

You will have complete and total visibility to every single user who opens the app in 24 hours time. This type of ad will pause all other advertisements and only yours will be displayed.

Sponsored News Article Post

Articles can be written by advertiser or Heaux app

Must supply at least one image but can provide up to 10.

$100 for permanent article written by advertiser

$200 for permanent article written by Heaux app

- Articles can describe your brand, agency, service, website or any other in depth message you would like to convey to readers. News articles come with a notification that is sent to every user's phone when it is posted. The article will be posted in the Lifestyle section of the news feed.

-Can also include video at no extra cost if it is provided.





- We have users in 25 countries

- You can customize your ad to only been seen in one country multiple countries or all countries.

- 62 % iPhone Users

- 38% Android Users

Your ad can be marketed only for iphone, android or both.

-91% of users are ages 18-34

-62% users are female

-38% male or other

- Heaux is the only app that can guarantee an audience directly associated with sex workers