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You are at the worlds only store for escorts! If you need an e-book about the greatest hotels to escort in...Its here.

If you need lingerie for a photo shoot, it's right this way.

Learn how to write your own advertisements? ....yes.

Oh you want someone else to write them? Sure not a problem.  

But how bout a ... yup you can get a device that detects hidden cameras and microphones too.  

Even stuff for when your NOT working !

It is TRULY one stop shopping for all of your escorting needs!



I know I know....probably some asshole with a half way decent idea right?


I'm Lydia Dupra, a retired millionaire escort based in Los Angeles. Im 27, I ROCKED the escorting scene HARD AF when I was working and trampled across anyone who got in my the way.. I was THAT girl. The one who partied, the one who other girls loathed, the one agents fought over and the one clients couldn't get enough of. And now as a person who has found the most creative and disturbing ways to fail and succeed at escorting, I've dedicated my whole life to making you more money, faster and as safely as possible.

Here are some of my acomplishements:

- I'm the author of 9 books on escorting topics

- I host quarterly seminars with guest speakers about escorting, self defense and other essential concepts to maximize your success.

- I created a social network just for our industry called Heaux (available on the App/Play Store).

- I created the video game Sugar Daddy Shooter (available on iOS and Android)

- I am also developing a licensing program to attempt to regulate the industry. To keep rates high, make professionalism a priority and a method to screen clients that works beyond a background check.  

Still think this is whack?...Well heres a lil advice .. you see the world as the way you treat it. The first book is free, so decide for yourself!

Or read these testimonials from happy customers.

You can learn more about me here 

Can You Help ME though?

Yes. Here are the types of clients I work with on a daily basis:


Sugar babies

Porn Stars


Reality TV Stars

High End Escorts

Trap Girls


Cam Girls

Trans Girls


And Everyone In Between.**


Read my e-books, subscribe to my video vault and sign up for the group mentoring program. That should be 90% of everything you need to know. If you need more personalized help, have a look at my mentoring services under the Books/Mentoring Collection. 

WHY should I trust you? 

I have succeeded as much as I have failed. I only have written about situations I have personally experienced. I even wrote a book called Damage Control which is everything you should NOT do as an escort. I have over 2000 customers and there hasn't been a single one that I couldn't relate to or help. I have been dubbed the Fairy Heaux Mother by my loyal customers.  This movement is becoming standardized education for escorts.

I offer a money back guarantee. Which I am so proud to say no one has ever asked for their money back! 


My government name leaked, with enough googling you'll find that my story checks out! You'll see my adult films, my magazine spreads, message boards talking about my rates. Even my letter stating my retirement from adult because I was focusing on the other businesses I've created. You'll even see my before pictures before I had surgery and from when I got in the game as a teen. I speak the truth and thats why Complete Escort Guide is not just a business, its a MOVEMENT.  


Sales FAQ



Q: How do I download my order?

You'll see a button to download your books after you've placed your order and you will also receive an email with the same link to download. If you feel you have not received your email please check your spam folder or contact customer service with your order # ready.

Q: What type of file is it?

A: PDF files for individual books and A zipped folder with PDF files if you get the complete series at once

Q: I don't see the download. 

A: Iphone/iPad

Check your iBooks first. If its not there go back to your download page. It should pull up the PDF and you'll have the option as to where you'd like to save the book(s).


On Windows Vista (or newer):

EPUB & PDF: Documents > My Digital Editions
Kindle: Documents > My Kindle Content
On Windows XP or 2000:

EPUB & PDF: My Documents > My Digital Editions
Kindle: My Documents > My Kindle Content
On Macs:

EPUB & PDF: Documents > My Digital Editions
Kindle: Documents > My Kindle Content

Q: I bought the book series but now how do I open the zip file?

The zip file is used to compress all the books so they fit together in one nice package. You will have to unzip the file to view them. If you need additional help unzipping a file please use this free software to help you do so.

Q: How many books are there?

A: Currently 9. 


    Q: Can I buy a paper back copy?

    A: My Heaux Memoir is paperback. Ebooks are instantly available, cost less to produce and buy and lets face it..who wants a book about how to be an escort laying around the house?



     Q: Whats the deal with the videos?

    They provide information thats not in the books. These video topics were created by my readers who need more information but can't afford private mentoring. New video release every week that will solve real problems you come across on the job. 

    A: Can I just join later when theres all the videos in there?

    Sure! If you can wait 6 months to have your questions answered or are willing to pay a higher membership fee. The fee goes up every other month. The price you join at is the price you stay at. When the videos are completed the membership goes away and will be a one time fee to access the videos. 



    Q: When will I receive my order?

    The kits will ship same day if ordered before 12 pm PST. All other orders will take up to 4-5 business days processing time and will arrive 7-13 business days after shipment to arrive. SO realisticly your looking at 3-4 weeks from day you place your order to the day it arrives. To compensate for the wait the shipping is 100% free

    Q: Will people know Im getting items from an escorting website?

    A: Nope! the packaging will be very discreet, its blank and comes straight from the manufacturer. 

    Q: Can I return my item that I purchased?

    A: For real returns are anoyyingg for all parties involved but you can return anything as long as it shows no sign of being worn. Lingerie and other intimates are non returnable.  Contact customer service for more information about a return or exchange. Store credit only. Except for the education money back guarantee on the books.



    Q: Can you refer me to a reputable agency?

    A: No (sorta). I have had multiple affiliations with different agencies over the years. It would risk my privacy if I did that. BUT under private mentoring I can help you verify the quality of the agencies your looking into.

    Q: Can you do my bookings for me?

    A: No, sorry I am not an agent

    Q: Why 9 books instead of 1?

    A: I chose to make it a series so the prices could remain lower at $9.99 each rather then a much larger price for one book. Readers can start learning immediately for less money. I encourage that you read at your own pace and move on to the next when you are ready.

    Q: I’m a male escort, will these books be relevant to me?

    A: Yes and no. If you are seeing men, I think you have a lot to gain from reading the books. I was a female escort that only saw men. So I wrote with that experience. Male escorts seeing women will have a more difficult time relating to the content, but I do recommend every book except ‘The Clients Handbook’ for these men. When reading as a male you will relate to most of the content except some health sections.

    Q: Are you really retired?

    A: Firstly, everyone has a price including me. If someone made me an offer I could not refuse, let’s be real I would take it. But YES I have been retired for several years.

    Q: Are you really a millionaire?

    A: Yup! And damn proud of it. I was averaging 1 million a year for the last 3 years of my career.

    Q: Will these books actually work for me?

    A: Yes! If you read, listen and follow through with the information I provide, you will indeed do great things and make as much money as you set your mind to.

    Q: If you are trying so hard to give back to the industry…why isn’t this free?

    A: The first book is free and I post daily tips on my Instagram. Besides that, I do nothing for free, which is one of the reasons I am retired and wealthy. I encourage you to do the same with your talents. 

    Q: Why are some books longer then others but priced the same?

    A: You are paying for the quality of the content not the quantity of content. No matter how long or short each book is, all of the information is equally important.

    Q: Books are stupid, can you just help me anyway?

    A: Yes. I am not a big fan of conventional book reading either. I removed complicated language and keep it boiled down to straight facts. The books are easy and fast reads. They are on a 10-12th grade reading level and will take 30 minutes to read for each one. You can do it, I have confidence in you. Just think of it as reading a long ass text message from your BFF. If your still not into it I offer private mentoring and complete strategy planning to expedite your career.

    Q: Did you marry your sugar daddy or a client?

    A: Noooo. I am with my equal. I could never love someone that was just paying me to be there. Me and my boo came up together, he was the only man I couldn't con. 

    Q: Are you going to write a book about yourself?

    A: Maybe. I don't want to create an autobiography at 27 years old. I have so much more to contribute to the community. My journey has just begun, not ended. 


    **I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who will use my information for immoral and dangerous actions towards others.