Heaux App Press Kit





Heaux is a ground breaking app created for modern women . Due to the conservative nature of other popular social media platforms, progressive lifestyles are often shamed and even banned from safely socializing online. Heaux decided to change that.


Fast Facts:

- Release Date May 30th 2017

- Has been downloaded in 24 countries so far

- Founded by author and mentor Lydia Dupra.  

-Heaux was created in just 2 days. The inspiration came when its creator was deleted off Instagram 3 times in two weeks by haters and then cyber bullied off Twitter....for posting inspirational quotes and advice for those seeking it. 



From Inside the Apps About Page:

Heaux is a safe place to socialize without fear of getting deleted or harassed because of your profession or lifestyle. The only users who get deleted are fakes, haters and those who 'out' one another. They will be deleted swiftly and mercilessly. Lets all connect and support each other, the way social media was meant to be enjoyed. 

Q: What is the function of this app?
Its whatever you want it to be. Think of it like Instagram and twitter only better because its an emotional safe haven. We also have some really cool features you cant find anywhere else. Like your private diary, the dating feature, the book a driver feature, industry news and the marketplace.
Q: Are we even allowed to do this?
A: We don't violate any terms of the iTunes or Google Play stores. Tumblr, Twitter, Tinder and Instagram are all available on the app stores and you know what type of content is on there. People who live alternative lifestyles are not sub human. We don't promote anything illegal on this app. We deserve to have nice things!
Q: Who is allowed to be here? 
A: Anyone can join but not everyone gets to stay. This community is for the support of those who have been alienated by main stream society. As a member of the community, we ask you report any hateful users or content you find to be not in the best interest of others. Examples are solicitation of any illegal activity, bullying, fake or suspicious profiles etc.
Q: What information do you collect and why?
A: The only information we can see is whatever you provide. We ask for a name, phone number and email. Location services are used for the dating feature and the book a driver feature. You can turn location services off in your phones settings.
Q: Why is it free?
A: The creator saw a problem with discrimination amongst other social media platforms. All the profits from her other business go to funding Heaux. 

Here are some popular features on the app:
The Heauxcial Network. Post text, pictures and videos and see what everyone else is up to. Anytime someone else likes a post, it gets bumped to the top of your feed. Scroll through your feed to find the latest posts.

The News:
News articles are added regularly.  No opinion articles are placed into the news feed. All news is imported from a variety of major news outlets. 
For questions, concerns and press inquiries please contact Lydia Dupra at heauxapp@gmail.com
Heaux is available for both Apple and Android devices 
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