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Security/ Driver Services

Los Angeles Body Guards and Drivers are available to protect and or transport you to any location in or around Los Angeles for $45 per hour.


Drivers and security guards are trained specifically by Lydia Dupra in person. They are able to deliver the proper etiquette and service you deserve.


-Your driver will either drive you in their car or your own car. Which ever you prefer.

- Your driver will open the car door for you to enter and exit the vehicle 

-Your driver is trained to be alert and wait for you at any location to choose to go to 

-Your driver will have a valid drivers license, insurance, current registration and a clean drug test

-Your driver has had a background check and has been screened for any violent, sex or theft related crimes.

-Your driver will not speak to you unless he or she is spoken to. 

-Your driver will not hit on you or make any unwanted advances toward you

-Your driver is armed with a legal weapon and is ready to protect you. 


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