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Are You a Perfect 10? The True Beauty Test

Are You a Perfect 10? The True Beauty Test

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Take the true beauty test and find out how you really rank on a scale of 1-10.

Become self aware of your looks and finally stop comparing yourself to others. The images we see on ad sites and social media are not even remotely a healthy nor accurate way to measure your own beauty. This video goes over 30 points of true beauty in 3 main categories: personality, facial features and body. There is a perfect 10 in all of us, watch this video to find out how.

PDF download with notes and additional reference images also included. Video is 29 minutes long

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Disclaimer: This material is intended to bring self awareness to the viewer to help realize their true potential. This is not intended for those with body dysmorphic disorder or mental illness that could be triggered by such realizations.

The information in this video is sourced from various medical websites, plastic surgeons testimonials and Lydia’s personal opinions and experiences.

This video is for entertainment purposes only and should not solely be used when making the decision to permanently alter one's appearance.