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Best Escorting Book Lydia Dupra

Book 1 : Getting Started

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This beginner/intermediate guide will provide you with everything you need to know to become a real escort! By the time you finish reading this book, you will be ready for your first client! This is the first book of the 8 book series. I recommend reading 'Sugar or Hooker' next

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Contents include:

  • A quiz to determine if this is right for you
  • Marketing strategies
  • A comparison of being independent or with an agency
  • A sample advertisement to cut and paste
  • How to get clients and repeat business
  • How to properly screen clients
  • Preparing for an appointment
  • What to wear for the appointment
  • How to actually perform during an appointment 
  • Avoiding dangerous situations 
  • Staying grounded on the journey
  • Doing taxes
  • Safety 
  • Popular Terminology 
  • My story
  • Planning for the future

Plus I share my own wild experiences. Like being showered with extravagant gifts paralleled with the consequences of horrible choices I've made. This manual is an easy and exciting read that offers the truth about being a modern escort and proven strategies for success.


Author Comments: The epiphany struck in casual conversation. "I always thought I could write a book" I said. He said "you can" so I did. What to write about? The only thing I knew everything about. I helped men feel loved as an escort why cant I make escorts feel loved to? I didnt stop writing after I started. Isolated for days, the information flooding out of me. I felt at peace when I was done. I knew this was going to be big and lives would change forever. 


*money back guarantee valid with proof of purchase of all 7 books from this website exclusively 

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