Career Analysis Video (YouTube Style)

Regular price $1,500.00

Like my YouTube style videos on mentoring heauxs? Now you can get your own private video done in the same exact manner as my YouTube videos.

I will look at your current brand and make you a video approximately 15 minutes long describing every problem I see and follow it with an in depth solution. 


Turn around time is 1-2 weeks depending on how much time it takes to research your brand

please include 

-your website

-all social media links

-any other brand related streams of income

- any accomplishments / controversies published online or in print 

-what you think your issues are 


Your package includes

- 2-4 hours of research

- creating solutions (as much time as needed)

-preparing and filming the presentation

-Video editing 


total process can take up to 12 hours from start to finish 

incredible value of $1500 compared to over $8000 if we were to work one on one.