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Los Angeles Seminar *October 10th*

Los Angeles Seminar *October 10th*

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Your Invitation To The Next Level in Your Career is HERE
 Im making it 100% obtainable by putting you on tour to come to the seminar
you will come to LA, learn INVALUABLE INFORMATION at my seminar, hustle your ass off and make all of your money back plus whatever profits you make!
Im giving you the key to a successful tour FOR FREE with a custom Touring Strategy written by me just for you!
This is beyond the do's and dont's of escorting. This is about growing and protecting your business, body and mind. 

-Los Angeles is the 2nd wealthiest city in the whole USA
-You will learn how to raise your rate and grow your efforts into a real LEGAL business
- Learn self defense from a professional MMA fighter!
-Refine your image with individual consulting from me 
-Learn how to achieve your long term goals in the short term
-Network with other escorts
-Meet local drivers to safely transport you to and from outcalls
-Meet me!

and have the most unique and enlightening experience of your career!
The price of these seminars will only go up in the future to keep the quality up and the quantity of attendants LOW. The less people in the group the more we learn and the more one on one time I have with you. These seminars will never be this cheap or inclusive because Los Angeles is my home. I can offer you drivers and guest speakers here but I can not offer the same in other cities if and when I visit them. This is THE ONE to attend!

You wil not only benefit from this tour to further your career but you will come home with more money from being on tour then you spent to come out here! I attend seminars all the time for business and none of them have ever offered to personally make my money back in the same week. It just doesn't happen, except here because I invest in you if you invest in me. 

This is an experience beyond education. I do not know when this will be happening again! I can not stress that enough
The Seminar Itinerary 

Dress Code: Business Sexy with emphasis on the sexy! I want you to arrive dressed as high class escort. Not a street walker in a mini dress and fishnets but a sexy confident woman who's price tag is as high as her confidence! LA is a high glamour city so have fun, put on lashes and show off a bit! Heels are required.
4 PM: - You will be picked up at your hotel by one of my drivers and transported to the seminar. LA is BIG and a pain in the butt to navigate. Don't worry I got you.
5-6 PM - Cocktail Hour to get relaxed, enjoy a drink and get comfortable with the environment and each other.

6-6:45 PM: - We enter the conference room and settle in with snacks and additional refreshments. 2 Professional UFC fighters will demonstrate self defense from the two most common ways escorts get attacked on the job!

6:45-7 PM - 15 minute break and then we enter the restaurant for dinner. Breaking bread with someone is one of the fastest ways to bond. So lets eat! We are building up to get in serious learning and one on one mentoring. 
7- 8:30 PM - Dinner
8:30- 8:40 - One last bathroom/smoke break before we get serious in the meeting room

8:40- 9:40 PM- We will be discussing the bulk of the information here. This is my speech but also an open conversation with the entire room. If you have a question, just ask and lets keep everyone on the same page. There will be handouts and some very BIG concepts being shared. 
9:40 - 9:50 Break
9:50-10:20 Group Mentoring. Here we will get out the questions that you are OK with sharing with everyone. This will be beneficial to everyone in the room.
10:20-12AM- One on One mentoring sessions. If we go later then we go later. Everyone will get their time.

You will be placed in a hotel with other escorts so you have the option to be placed in a female friendly or non female friendly hotel. This just means if you want to be left alone and not socialize I'll place you with the other escorts who feel the same way. If you are female friendly I'll place you in a hotel with other escorts who want to network and freestyle together. Don't feel bad if you are not female friendly, I wasn't when I was working. No one will take it personally, we are all of like minds regardless of our social agenda. Anyone who makes the trip for this seminar will be of equal caliber and professionalism. Part of the reason why tickets are $1200 is because only the people who take this with the utmost seriousness will attend. We are all equals here, business owners and the CEOs of our lives and futures. 

The free touring strategy is customized for you and is $200 when purchased separately. They take me hours to create and it's a true gift from me to ensure your success on this trip. The scariest thing about going on tour is the uncertainty of how well you will do financially. If I can take that fear away and give you the best shot possible, its my pleasure! But only before May 21st will you get this strategy for FREE.


1.) I need you to advertise in advance so you will need your strategy to do it properly

2.) They take me a long time to make so I need enough time to deliver them before its time to travel

 I urge you to book your spot before Sunday, May 21st to ensure you receive your free touring strategy. All it takes is a $250 USD deposit to secure your seat at the seminar. You can pay your balance in payments with the Lay-Buy option on my website, pay in full at time of purchase or pay in cash at the door the day of the seminar. The payment options are flexible to fit your lifestyle.  
People are coming from all over the world to attend! If you have the luxury of being in the USA COME! You will not regret it. This is beyond the do's and dont's of escorting. This is about growing and protecting your business. 
Book now for your free Touring Strategy valued at $197




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